Mountain Camp-site At Hollóstető

hollosteto_05The Mountain Camp-site of Hollóstető, 600 metres above sea-level is located in the middle of romantic scenery 7 kilometres from Lillafüred and has a fenced area of about 4 acres. This Camp-site is the best choice for those seeking a venue for theme camps such as forest-, sports-, lifestyle-, religious-, etc. camps. It is also recommended for families with children as well as anyone from both Hungary and abroad who look for the peace of nature.

Accommodation: A two-star camp-site.or third-class chalets. In addition to guests who pitch their tents or stay in their caravans, the chalets with two, three, or more beds can accommodate another 80 people.
Amenities: Safe spots for making outdoor fires, a playground, a car park, table-tennis table, power supply connections, hot-water shower-stalls for men and women, buffet (offering both hot and cold meals and basic foodstuffs).
Recreational activities: If you wish to enjoy the natural treasures of the Biikk National Park, just take one of the many hiking and cycling routes. The most popular destinations in the region include Lillafüred, Bükkszentkereszt, Répáshuta, Bánkút, and Szentlélek. You are welcome to ask the camp-site personnel for any assistance in organizing your tours and programmes. An annual event at the camp-site is the motorcyclists’ meeting that takes place in May every year.
Access: On the routes by Eger, Felsőtárkány, Répáshuta, and Hollóstető or by Miskolc, Lillafüred, Hollóstető, alongside the road towards Bükkszentkereszt. Regular coach services depart from Búza Square in Miskolc for Bükkszentkereszt via Lillafüred about every hour, the journey time being 45 minutes.


Prices for 2020



With 2 beds 3.400 HUF/person/night
With 3 or 4 beds 3.400 HUF/person/night
Spare bed 3.200 HUF/person/night
Prices for groups (of over 20 persons) 1 or 2
3.300 HUF/person/night
Prices for groups (of over 20 persons) 3 to 4
3.100 HUF/person/night

For theme campers (over 20 persons) from 5 nights

2.900 HUF/person/night


In a caravan 2.000 HUF/night
In a mobile home 1.800 HUF/night
In a tent 1.200 HUF/night
In a tent + parking one car 1.800 HUF/night
Power supply    800 HUF/night
Accommodation charge for adults 1.500 HUF/night
for students and pesioners 1.200 HUF/night

dog                                                                                                                                                                                     1.000 HUF/night


Tourism fee for adults (over 18) has been HUF 350,-Ft/person/night in 2020.