The Tourist Lodge of Szentlélek

DSC02922Located within the Bükk National Park the Tourist Lodge of Szentlélek is just 5 kilometres from Bánkút, Hungary’s largest ski resort. This newly-opened tourist lodge is the perfect venue for an open-air school as well as for theme camps such as sports-, lifestyle-, religious-, and other specialised camps as well as providing accommodation for serious ramblers and nature-lovers.

Accommodation: The lodge has two double rooms, one room with 3 and another with 4 beds (couches).
Accommodation charge:HUF 2600/person/night
In addition to the above there are two rooms with six beds each as well as a big room with 24 bunk-beds.
Accommodation charge: HUF 2500/person/night and HUF 500 person/night
There is a shared bathroom belonging to the rooms.
Prices include the costs of use of bed-clothes and the bathroom.

Price for groups:
Over 20 persons
1 to 2 nights 2500 HUF/person/night
3 to 4 nights 2300 HUF/person/night
Price for theme campers: from 5 nights 2100 HUF/person/night
+ full board for open-air schools and other children’s camps:
4800 HUF/person/day
Tourism fee:
450 HUF/person/night

Children, students, big families, etc. are exempt from payment of a tourism fee.
The tourist lodge can accommodate a maximum of 60 persons (if all spare beds are used).

Amenities: Safe spots for making outdoor fire, a sports ground suitable for playing ball games, a car park, and shower-stalls for men and women

Recreational activities: Hiking and cycling tours in the Bükk national Park to the popular destinations of Lillafüred (13 km), Bánkut, Garadna, the Trout Farm, etc.

From the middle of September to October you may special night-time excursions to listen to the bellowing stags in the wild.
In the winter time you can go in for skiing or sledging on the nearby slopes of Bánkút.

Access: Coming from Miskolc go on alongside Lake Hámori, towards Bánkút.
Coming from Eger you can approach at Szentlélek via Szilvásvárad and Mályinka.
There are no regular coach services available.