600m high in a forest of Bükk

Our campsite is located around 600 metres high in the Bükk Mountains, this forest-lined campsite is recommended for families and guests who love nature and tranquility. The campsite can accommodate about 400 people, of which 65 can be accommodated in the 2-3 and 4 bed cottages in addition to tent and caravan guests. The campsite offers the possibility to organize various sports events, children’s camps, class excursions, meetings.

Please scroll through our website, and If you’d have any questions about campsite, please feel free to ask us by email or phone.

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Thanks, if you or your family would like to spend few relaxing days in the depths of our wonderful forest, in the tiny valley of Hollóstető, middle of the beautiful mountains. Please won’t forgot to indicate your reservation as soon as possible, because we are mostly busy and frequently visited in the main season.

Admire of the millions face of Bükk

Our guests says

Eredetileg 3 éjszakát terveztünk de 4 éjjel maradtunk. Nagyon jól éreztük magunkat. Tiszta, szép nyugodt hely. A 1.5 éves kislányom is imádta. Jövőre is visszamegyünk. Köszönünk mindent


Gyönyörű környezet, friss levegő, kedves házigazdák.. És nincs szúnyog.

Jó hátizsákos turistáknak


Bátran ajánlom mindenkinek!!
Gyönyörű környezet, közvetlen barátságos tulajdonosok!
Elvileg egy éjszakát állt szándékunkban ott tölteni, de kettő lett belőle! 
Mindenképpen visszamegyünk!


Igaz csak éjszaka volt, de gyönyörű környezetben, a vendéglátó is nagyon kedves! Egy negatívum a kislányom részéről: nem hozhatta haza Daisyt, a kutyát tehát mennünk kell még! Másnak is ezt ajánlom!!!


Gyönyörű hely, családias hangulat, esténként tábortűz….
El kell jönni megnézni, megtapasztalni..


Piękne miejsce, gospodarze bardzo mili.


A szállás mesés helyen van, az erdő közepén, de csak pár percre a buszmegállótól. Az állatsereglet bűbájos, főleg Egyes, Kettes, a cicakutyák, meg Daisy, de van két páva is(!). Györgyi, Józsi, meg Dia hihetetlen jófejek; rengeteget nevettünk. A hangulat családias. Több emberrel is összebarátkoztunk. Szerintem 10-es!:)


Imádni való ez a hely! Köszönjük!



10 IMPORTANT NEW RULES – that our visitors can feel as safe as possible during their staying


Based on the recommendations of the Institution of Operational Staff, the Hungarian Tourism Agency, and  the regulations of the National Public Health Center.
  1. 1.5 meters – we have prepared signs to help keeping distance at the entrance
  2. the benches and tables are also at the required distance from each other – the 2 hectares in the campsite are fortunately possible for guests not to often contacting with each other
  3. contactless check-in – our receptionist welcomes guests behind a glass wall
  4. you can use hand disinfections at the entrance – we have an automatic hand disinfection device at the reception
  5. correct hand washing – we have posted a series of diagrams showing the rules of proper hand washing in each washbasin


In addition to the regulations, we have introduced five new rules, increasing the sense of security.

  1. fewer tent sites – this year we will only rent out every second plot, so it won’t be difficult to keep  distances between tents
  2. increased number of hours of cleaning – so far we have placed great emphasis on cleanliness, from now on we disinfect it even more often with an antiviral cleaner
  3. liquid soap in every washbasin – although this is not necessarily the norm in a campsite
  4. safe washing – we have a dishwashing liquid in the common laundry room and we also provide disinfectant on request
  5. mask, gloves, hand sanitizer – dont worry if you left at home or run out from them, you can buy at the buffet here

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