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observatory of Bükk

The Observatory of Bükk provides unique opportunities for astronomical observations in Hungary or basically in whole Europe. The main building is located at an altitude of 635 meters above sea level where the stars are much more clearer and sharper to  observable . The fog cushion sits in the Carpathian Basin in many cases in wintertime, but the sparkling sunshine in Répáshuta and the low light pollution of this area welcomes their visitors in every seasons.

There are also a planetarium and VR experiences, amaizing collection of meteorites, a planetary educational trail, and a special solar telescope in the dome are, which you can use to safely observe our central star, the Sun. The Lunt-type hydrogen-alpha telescope has a free diameter of 10 cm and allows you to observe sunspots and eruptions in a way we would never see with our eyes

Lillafüred trip

The picturesque landscaped  Lillafüred is located on the eastern edge of Bükk, 6 km from Hollóstető, at the confluence of the Garadna and Szinva valleys, on the shores of Lake Hámori, in a romantic cauldron crowned with majestic beech forests. The romantic, idyllic atmosphere is enhanced by lot of attractions.


Visiting of the beautiful places of Southeast Bükk on on a comfortable trip terrain and mostly on wide roads. One of the highest settlements in the country, Bükkszentkereszt, with its many services and sights, is worth spending time on its own, but the centuries-old relationship between the locals and nature is more deeply revealed if we walk around this village.


Nagymező is uniquely located in Hungary at an altitude of over 900 meters. The surface enriched with spruces, high mountain beeches and mountain meadows is a paradise for hikers. The peripheral stones of the plateau offer magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

Szilvásvárad és környéke

The settlement, also referred to as the western gate of Bükk, is a popular tourist destination. The wildly romantic Szalajka Valley can be easily reached on foot or by light rail. Unfortunately, there are no trout farms in the valley today, but we can find a riding stables, a small game park, a study trail, a forest museum and a waterfall on top. Above the light rail terminal, there is the prehistoric cave.

a Sugaró vadaskertjében

The half of the Bükk Plateau to the east of Bánkút and the Nagy-mező does not boast southbound cliffs, karst fields or extensive meadows, and its peaks remain below 900 meters. Although there is a very significant karst world in the depths (eg Létrási-water cave, Szent István-lápai-cave, etc.), the surface has a gentle treasure of form and is therefore less spectacular than its wide surroundings. What is still worth a visit is the easy-to-walk, pleasant terrain and the barely disturbed forest, where the large predators also beat the farm.

Látókövek körtúrája a Bükk-fennsík peremén

A great classic of Bükk is this tour through the Three Stones to Tar Stone, the highest natural vantage point in the mountains. Throughout the year, many hikers visit the great vantage point, as does the route of the National Blue Tour – not by chance. From the Tar stone we can see the southern detachment of the plateau, most of the valleys and peaks of the Southern Bükk, Eger and the Mátra, but even the Tokaj mountain can be seen in good weather. We can make a detour to the pristine Forest, which is untouched for a hundred years, to the many hearts of Bükk, and then back on Török út on a special slope resting on a longitudinal, horizontal ledge on the steep side of the sloping plateau edge in the idyllic old forest. The route is one of the most beautiful tours in Bükk in terms of sight and atmosphere.

A Hór-völgyön át a Bükkaljára

We wander in pleasant terrain from Hollóstető to the edge of Cserépfalu in the Hór Valley, which is the old transport corridor. Along the way, we will also see karst phenomena, beautiful forests, the remains of an 18th-century glassworks, the Olau country house and the former residence of the Neanderthal prehistoric man, the Suba-hole cave. The end of our tour is the modern building of the Bükk South Gate Visitor Center, built at the exit of the valley, where we can get acquainted with the special stone culture of Bükkalja and the past of the Suba-hole through interesting exhibitions. Other activities and meals are available on site.

Lift park

The new attraction of Miskolc opened in 2016, calls Lillafüred Lift. From the lower station in the valley of the picturesque Szinva stream, at the foot of Jávorhegy, a track of more than a thousand meters leads to the Jávorhegy meadow next to Fehérkő. Starting at an altitude of 303 meters above sea level, up to 180 people can enjoy the beauty of the landscape at the same time on a quarter-hour journey of nearly 1,100 meters.

Hiking routes

We heartly recommend the website, they have fantastic tour descriptions, illustrated with wonderful pictures! We also visit them often.


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